Washable Daily Pantyliners - Odour Control and Bacterial Protection

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  • SAFE AND EASY: Reliable protection for women at the beginning and end of menstruation, as well as in everyday life. Easy to attach to underwear with snap button.
  • RAPID ABSORPTION: 5 ml of liquid absorption with a length of 16 cm. Ideal sustainable alternative to disposable panty liners
  • ABSOLUTE FREEDOM: Great comfort thanks to a special combination of materials and cotton outer material.
  • HYGIENIC & ODOUR-FREE: Multi-layer technology that prevents unpleasant odors and the proliferation of bacteria. It can be washed at just 30°C.
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Absorption capacity: 5 ml
Equivalence: Disposable panty liner
Size: Universal, 16 cm
Washable: 100 times, 30°
Closure type: Push button
Color: Black
Brand from: Austria

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Are you looking to switch from single-used sanitary product to something more sustainable yet you are not completely comfortable with the idea of ditching sanitary products altogether? and with the amount of money you spend on pantyliners?.

Our washable and reusable pantyliner is an effective and sustainable alternative to disposable products. It offers a comfortable option, both for irregular periods and for daily protection. An innovative and healthy solution that improves the quality of intimate hygiene, as well as being environmentally friendly and more economical in the long term.

They are made with our innovative SELENAtec® technology of ultra-thin multilayer fabric (4mm) that absorbs fluids and guarantees a sensation of dryness in contact with the skin, using antibacterial technical fabric to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors (Silverplus®). These layers are microporous, allowing breathability but preventing leaks.

What is the first thing I should do after using my pantyliner?

This is the key! Once used, at the end of the day, rinse them with cold or lukewarm water to evacuate all the blood inside. It is best to avoid hot water, which tends to "cook" the blood and therefore bind it to the fibers of the absorbent part.

What to do after rinsing it with cold water?

You have three possibilities:

  • Wash it by hand and dry it , so you can use it again during the week.
  • Let it dry and wash it in the next wash.
  • Put it in the washing machine at 30° with the rest of the clothes.

Advice to maximize the absorption of my pantyliner?

Washing is an important part. Here are some tips to keep your washable pads in perfect condition:

  • Wash the pantyliner at a maximum of 40° to avoid damaging the waterproof part.
  • Use a washing bag to protect fabrics and lace from the textures of other types of clothing (3 pantyliners maximum in a washing bag).
  • Use liquid detergent with less than 15% fatty agents, to avoid saturating the absorbent fibers.
  • From time to time, soak your washable pantyliner in warm water and with a little white vinegar, to purify the fabrics.

What shouldn't I do?

Our washable pantyliners don't get along very well with:

  • The softeners (these saturate the fibers and make the pads less absorbent)
  • The bleach (which could damage the fabrics)
  • The heat, such as from a dryer or from direct contact with the heater (can damage the waterproof part).

The special and unique thing about the Selenacare Washable Panty Liner is innovative multi-layered technology SELENCAtec.

Each layer has an individual function. The layer attached to the body transfers the moisture into the panty liner. This is absorbed in the next layer so that there is no feeling of wetness while wearing the panty liner.

This layer also provided with an antibacterial protection to counteract the multiplication of bacteria and prevent unpleasant odours. This is followed by the breathable and leak-proof protective membrane made of skin-friendly material.

Fabric slip-on inserts

Disposable slip-on pads

Reduces waste Causes garbage every day
100 washes For single use only
Does not smell (antibacterial protection technology) No protection against odors

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
So comfortable

I am very pleased with these liners. They are very comfortable. Not only are they more comfortable than disposable ones but they are also good for the environment - what's not to like.

Easy to Use

I am passed the menopause, but occasional have a small leak. They are easy to use, comfortable and most of all no smells

Finally a reusable panty liner

I have searched for a very long time on Amazon to find a true reusable panty liner. They advertise it to be a reusable panty liner and it is. I like the feel of it, it washes nicely. Some say they are but they end up being thick full pads. I will buy a second set. High recommendations.

Thin, breathable, perfect size!

Thin, breathable for my hikes. No more bunching in a wad or adhesive sticking to my skin; no more awkward poses of adjusting my undies while walking. Easy to wash and dry and pack. Buying another set ! THANK YOU for making a thinner version just for discharge, the other brands were too thick for my daily needs.LOVE IT❤

Very good product

These products are a great option for everyday wear. I’m always looking for ways to reduce how much “stuff” we put in the trash bin and when my favorite pantyliners became hard to find I thought I’d give these a try.

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