Qlarivia 25 | Deuterium-Depleted Water | Ultra Light Water - 25 ppm

  • HEALTH AND LONGEVITY: Deuterium is a water molecule with an extra neutron, making the atom heavier than regular water molecules and is known to interfere with biological functions.
  • DAILY CONSUMPTION: Drinking Qlarivia waterdaily will drastically reduce the concentration of Deuterium ions in the body, eliminating the interference these heavy water ions can cause.
  • OPTIMISE CELLULAR ENEGRY: Deuterium depleted water has been shown to stimulate cell division and slow down the natural processes that age the body. Deuterine heavy water has been shown to have the opposite effect.
  • 95% LESS DEUTERIUM: Qlarivia has a Deuterium concentration of 25 parts per million - 95% less than the standard amount of Deuterium found in a regular bottle of water.
  • PURIFIED BY MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY: A unique production method designed to simulate natural condensation, precipitation and evaporation called Low Temperature Vacuum Rectification.
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Deuterium content: 25 ppm
1 case: 24 bottles of 500 ml
Weight case: 13 kg
Dilution: 500 ml qlarivia25(1 bottle of qlarivia25)+ 1 liter of normal water =105 ppm.

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QLARIVIA 25 is a Deuterium-Depleted Water (DDW), with a deuterium concentration of 25±5 parts per million (ppm), approximately 6 times smaller than the deuterium concentration of 150 ppm found in regular waters.

Qlarivia 25 | Deuterium-Depleted Water is an immaculate, pure water, like the one that existed on Earth thousands of years ago.

The process for obtaining Qlarivia was awarded medals and prizes at international inventics saloons in Bruxells, London, Geneva and Budapest.

Scientific studies revealed that a decreasing of deuterium in different tissues and organs, slowing down the ageing process of the cells.

Qlarivia 25 | Deuterium-Depleted Water is bottled in 500 milliliter bottles, and it's taste is similar to that of a premium natural drinking water.

The world’s first commercial source for Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) was built in Romania in the late 1990s, using a Romanian patented invention. In 2008, we launched QLARIVIA – the world’s first drinking DDW with a deuterium content of 25 ppm.

Deuterium-depleted water has a lower concentration of deuterium (2H) than occurs in nature at sea level.

Deuterium is a naturally-occurring, stable (non-radioactive) isotope of hydrogen with a nucleus consisting of one proton and one neutron. The nucleus of ordinary hydrogen (protium) consists of one proton only, and no neutron. Deuterium atoms have about twice the atomic mass of normal hydrogen atoms as a result. Heavy water consists of water molecules with two deuterium atoms instead of the two normal hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen in normal water consists of about 99.98% (by weight) of normal hydrogen (1H).

The production of heavy water involves isolating and removing deuterium-containing isotopologues within natural water. The by-product of this process is deuterium-depleted water.

There is no ‘perfect” 100% deuterium depleted water with 0 ppm deuterium in nature. All natural water contains different concentrations of deuterium. The’ lightest’ water on Earth, formed as a result of natural meteorological processes, is the snow and ice in Antarctica, which is approximately 89 ppm, the closest to the water inside our cells which is 40-60 ppm.

Unfortunately, as perfect as this water would be to drink, its remote inaccessibility keeps it from being used as a water resource. Deuterium depleted water may only be obtained in large quantities by artificial means. Qlarivia Scientific processed ‘light water’ water far surpasses Antarctic water in purity.

Yes, deuterium depleted water can be used like any other drinking water for daily use with no age restrictions.

Nevertheless, always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding the introduction of anything new to your diet.

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Well .... I am on day 6 of having Coronavirus, I’m finally starting to feel a bit better and maybe over the next few days I will be able to walk again. This water has been a massive help, I’ve been drinking it quite a lot as I’m very thirsty all the time but whatever it’s got inside it it’s really helped me. Thinking of writing to the company to say thank you this water has literally saved me I couldn’t even get out of bed to get tap water this was next to me the whole time.


Initially I was hesitant about this product and actually did not initially rate it well BUT I gave it a second chance and the very next day I drank more of this water than I ever have any other. I have now drank this water for an entire week and just feel amazing.