Online Boutique Timeline - UAE

Are you interested in cosmetics?, walking into a beauty store is like walking into Disneyland – it’s exciting and there’s that butterfly feeling in the stomach.?

Have lot of friends?, are you active in social media, do you have a website or  a blog?,

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?, do you want to set up your own online business?.Look no further than the our Brand Rep online Boutique is and how you can get involved just keep reading.

What is a Brand Rep online Boutique?

If you are looking to start your own online business, one of the easiest ways to do this is by creating a Brand Rep online Boutique with Mediluxe. 

Well, so what it is exactly?.It is a partnership between you and Mediluxe.

Simply it is that you refer clients to your online Boutique through a custom link (eg. and you earn a commission for sales in your boutique.

So, when someone purchases from your boutique through your link you earn your commission.

How to setup your online boutique?

Using Mediluxe platform, it’s super easy to create your online boutique. All you need to do is just tell us the products from Mediluxe you want to select, the name of your boutique and a logo/picture and we will add them to your boutique.

Here you have some boutiques already running:


What is Next?

1st Step

Read our FAQ

Here’s a list of common questions, what we think and how we work.

1st Step
2nd Step

Book your Intro Workshop

The objective of this Intro Workshop is:.

  • To introduce to you some of our "Bestseller" products.
  • To explain the benefits of our Brand Rep Program.

2nd Step
3rd Step

Sign Up Our Program

Sign with us and you will get:

  • Free On-line Boutique in 24 hours.!
  • Free products to try.
  • Exclusive range of health and beauty products to include in your boutique.
  • Competitive commission rates on all products. 

3rd Step
4rd Step

Start your Business!!

Creating an online boutique with Mediluxe is a low cost and low risk business compared to traditional online shops or Drop Shipping stores.

4rd Step