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  • DISCOVER THE GENETIC FACTORS TO PREDICT THE FILLER COMPLICATIONS: A full report with the explanation of your genetic characteristics and the potential complications of filler application.
  • SPECIALIST SUPPORT: Your doctor will be provided with an overview of your genetic characteristics and how they relate to your filler treatment.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED: The analysis used in Fagron FillerTest™ has been scientifically validated by global research. You can get more information in the medical report below.
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Fillers are safe, working with the best doctors and best materials, but how does your immune system react?

The scientific research behind DNA test for fillers showed a specific combination of two HLAs cause an increased risk for late onset immune mediate adverse reaction to foreign body implants.

The Fagron FillerTest™ results are shared only with the prescriber through the Fagron Genomics login platform. The report can be used to select the most suitable treatment option for the patient, fully personalized to their needs. The report includes:

  • A summary of patient characteristics
  • Full genetic analysis and explanation

The patented test is based on scientific research, executed by a team of renown doctors and researchers from the VallD’HebronUniveristyhospital, the Amsterdam University MC and the Erasmus University MC.

The study showed that patients in the study population with a combination of two specific genes had more than 80% chance of serious complications from filler treatments. Medical complications that can occur include chronic and/or localized inflammation that may require months or years of medical treatment and can cause lifelong symptoms.

An article on the study and results was published in PUBMED in January 2021, you can download the article clicking here


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The test is carried out by a doctor in a associated clinic. You can buy the test in the clinic or online in this online store.

Contact us to find your local clinic in UAE or KSA.

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A doctor will take a swab from the inside of your mouth to obtain a sample of your DNA. You will also be asked to complete a simple questionnaire to determine a number of lifestyle factors including age, height, weight and any medical conditions you may have.

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This will be sent to our laboratories where our specially trained technicians will analyse a total of 48 genetic variations from your DNA sample.

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Detecting DNA variations, known as SNPs, facilitates our understanding of the specific characteristics of your metabolism.

All SNPs tested by Fagron have been scientifically validated by global research.

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Within 14 days your advisor will receive a report containing the results of your test. This will indicate which elements from your genetic coding and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to


DNA test to predict the risk of filler complications - Fagron Genomics is available only via professional clinics.


Letting genes trigger treatments.