Mediluxe Cosmetics Affiliate Program | Online Boutique

Do you love cosmetics? Help Us Spread the Word - and We'll Pay You as a Thank You.

Mediluxe Team

About Us!

  • Mediluxe is an  Online Boutique in Dubai for Skin care and Hair care products.
  • 1# rated exclusive European Collagen and Growth Factors products.

What is our Affiliation Program

Well, so what it is exactly?.It is a partnership between you and Mediluxe.

Simply it is that you refer clients to our online Boutique  and you earn a commission for sales in our boutique.

As you send traffic to our website via your affiliate link or promo code, you will receive credit for each purchase you send our way. Your progress will be reflected in real-time on your affiliate dashboard.

Why Mediluxe Affiliate Program?

High-performance formulations developed through innovative science and technology

Our products are manufactured in factories located in Spain, in Poland and in Romania under the highest quality control standards.

Unlimited income potential - no strings attached!!

  • Tier 1: (0 AED – 15,000 AED) Total Cumulative = 20% of payments from your referred clients
  • Tier 2: (15,000 AED – 50,000 AED) Total Cumulative = 30% of payments from your referred clients
  • Tier 3 : (over 50,000 AED) Total Cumulative = 40% of payments from your referred clients

You can invite others to join your network. In return, you may receive commission on sales generated by those affiliates you have referred

  • Level 1 Rate:5% of payments from your network
  • Level 2 Rate:3% of payments from your network
  • Level 3 Rate: 2% of payments from your network

To make your offer attractive, the promo code be used and you can offer a 10% discount to your clients

With hight quality information to support your efforts

The training and support is focused on two main areas:

  • Product knowledge and treatment techniques
  • Basic business essentials – including sales & marketing and planning

Unlike the others, we are not forzing you to buy a welcome set of products.

If you want to buy our products for your personal use we will offer you a first time 50% discount over retail price.

On-demand support whenever you need it.

It's unique to each affiliate, and contains everything that you need to recommend our products, including:

  • Professional info for sharing for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsup  & more.

  • Commission tracking in real-time.

Who We Are Looking For?

Are you interested in cosmetics?, walking into a beauty store is like walking into Disneyland – it’s exciting and there’s that butterfly feeling in the stomach.?

Motivated individuals who are results driven, and aren't afraid to make recommendations. We're much more interested in motivated partners with a drive to succeed.

We're looking for established relationships with dermo-cosmetic clients, or the capacity to build them. If you're a born salesperson, great! If you're a current contractor or employee, you might also be a fit. Let us know!

What is it Next?

Do you want more information on our program?

Already have an account? 

  • We’re making it easy for you to add value for existing relationships
  • You are paid a lifetime residual based on the recurring monthly orders, as long as the account you referred remains an active paying customer
  • The good news here is that our products are so strong that we expect to retain the client indefinitely. Our Program Works!!.
  • Just referring 2-3 accounts can evolve into a significant revenue stream rather quickly