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Questions about the MyFagron NutriGenTM test

What is MyFagron NutriGenTM?

MyFagron NutriGenTM is a sustainable DNA test that you can do with your doctor or easily alone at home. It offers you an extensive nutritional analysis, at the highest possible level. 327 genetic variations are analyzed, which are due, among other things, to weight loss, reaction to exercise, intolerances and nutrient metabolism. That's three times as many as in comparable tests. NutriGenTM creates a personalized report and an individual nutritional recommendation with over 800 foods.

How does MyFagron NutriGenTM work?

MyFagron NutriGenTM investigates three polymorphisms in 128 DNA mutations (singular nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs), which lead to 327 (3 x 109) genetic variations on the most important genes responsible for various metabolic pathways related to weight loss and nutrient requirements. A singular nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) refers to a change in a nucleotide at a certain point in the entire gene sequence. After the examination of certain SNPs, three different genotypes can be detected: heterozygous, homozygous dominant and homozygous recessive (representation). The detection of SNPs facilitates the detection of specific metabolic properties of humans. All SNPs evaluated by MyFagron NutriGenTM have been scientifically validated on the basis of population studies and have a significant incidence worldwide.

What do my results say?

From this, conclusions can be drawn about what your ideal diet looks like. In this way, you can not only detect intolerances, but also optimize your eating habits.

What technology is behind this offer?

OpenArrayTM technology is used for genotyping.

How accurate is the test?

The DNA examination method is known as a platform for genetic studies with reproducibility and specificity rates of around 99%. Fagron Genomics' laboratory technicians are specially trained for this examination method and examine thousands of samples annually, so that they have gained extensive experience with this method.

How is the MyFagron NutriGenTM test different from other DNA tests?

327 genetic variations are analyzed, which are due, among other things, to weight loss, reaction to exercise, intolerances and nutrient metabolism. This is more than in comparable tests. The results are analyzed in our in-house laboratory.

When will I receive my test and evaluation?

You will receive your test immediately by post after your order. We only need a few days to ship and deliver to you.

After you have sent your sample, you can with a delivery of your results within a time frame of approx. Calculate 4 weeks. You will be notified by email. Your personal report will then be available for download in your profile.

How do I see my evaluation?

After about 4 weeks, you will be informed by e-mail about the availability of your personal results. Register on the Fagron Genomics platform and download your detailed evaluation.

What is included in the MyFagron NutriGenTM test kit?

Contents of the test kit:

  • 1x test sticks for sampling
  • 1x transport bag Eco (transparent)
  • 1x shipping bag (white)
  • 1x declaration of consent
  • 1x package leaflet
  • Sticker with ID number
  • Medical gloves

Each MyFagron NutriGenTM test kit has an individual identification number. The label with the identification number is affixed to each test stick, in the declaration of consent and on the outside of the box for identification. This label must be glued to the sample tube according to the package leaflet.

How does the collection of my sample work?

Sampling is simple and is also explained in detail in the supplied package leaflet of the test kit. Correct sampling is crucial to achieve the best quality and the best result of DNA analysis. Please follow these instructions for proper sampling:

  • Put on the gloves provided.
  • Hold the test stick only to the handle (white lid).
  • Perform a sample immediately after opening the transparent bag.
  • Do not apply excessive force, do not bend or press the test stick too hard, otherwise it could accidentally break off.
  • Do not eat, drink (exception: water) or brush your teeth at least 1 hour before taking the sample. It is recommended to rinse your mouth with water before taking the sample.
  • Hold the test stick to the handle (white lid), pull it out of the plastic tube and place it on a clean surface.
  • Lead the test stick into one side of the oral cavity and rub between the inside of the cheek and gums for ten seconds. Take the other hand to help and thus press lightly against the cheek during removal to increase friction when moving the test stick back and forth.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of the oral cavity.
  • After sampling, insert the test stick back into the plastic tube and close it tightly. Stick a sticker with the ID number on the sample tube and send the sample promptly and according to the instructions to our analysis laboratory.

Questions about health

How can Nutrigen help me if I have diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the pancreas no longer produces sufficient (type 2), or insulin (type 1) that we need for processing blood sugar. MyNutriGenTM provides an insight into human genetic disposition. In this context, nutrition and sports activities can be adapted to the metabolic type. In diabetes, optimal dietetics can lead to a reduction, or, in milder cases, the absence of medication.

Does the food change help me with irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal problems?

A type-appropriate food change with the right food rules is the basis for good digestion. Intestinal bacteria (microbiome) and digestive enzymes play an essential role in this. Both areas can be influenced by targeted measures and lead to an optimal metabolism with the knowledge of genetic orientation.

How does the food change affect my cardiovascular system?

An individual food change based on the genetic nature leads step by step to an optimal metabolism. This applies in particular to lipid metabolism and adipocytes. These are fat cells that lead to chronic inflammation and organ fattening when overloaded. Even slim people can be affected. Through a targeted diet, cardiovascular diseases can be prevented.

How can I lose weight with MyNutriGenTM?

The differentiated MyNutriGenTM testing is the basis for recording the different metabolic properties. On this basis, individual nutritional recommendations are made. This benefits both people with underweight and obesity. The regulation of metabolism based on genetic disposition and lifestyle is crucial. From previous experience, many patients lose weight without having to fast.

How/why does MyNutriGenTM help me live healthier?

"Committed to knowledge" Through the MyNutriGenTM test, people learn a lot about their predispositions. If the typological conditions are known, there is the possibility of active in many areas of nutrition, metabolism, circulation, etc. to influence. It is our goal to bring people into personal responsibility with MyNutriGenTM.

How does changing my eating habits affect my fitness?

Due to the targeted change in diet and improvement of the entire metabolism, people not only feel better, but are also significantly more resilient. Not only do people with chronic diseases benefit from MyNutriGenTM, competitive athletes also improve their performance.

What happens if I do not consistently adhere to the food recommendation?

Everyone has their own pace in the implementation of recommendations. Some are very consistent and want to improve their situation quickly, others need more time for change. From experience, most patients feel more powerful and energetic and psychologically stable after just a few weeks. This strengthens the drive and consistent behavior.

Is there a connection between the genes studied and the dietary recommendations?

The nutritional recommendations are personally adapted to people tested with MyNutriGenTM. With information from the medical history and findings, an individual nutrition plan is created.

Does MyFagron NutriGenTM offer individual plans for dietary supplements?

Individual nutrition is the basis for an optimal metabolism. In some cases, evidence of deficiency symptoms and genetic disposition require support with dietary supplements. The goal is to get people back into strength quickly through the targeted measures.

Questions about the test results

How do I interpret my report?

All analysis results are clearly prepared and explained in detail. If you still need support, you have the opportunity to book your very personal consultation hour here under "Professional Advice".

How effective is MyFagron NutriGenTM?

An intensive study of the genetic biomarkers with regard to the diet type is carried out in order to determine the percentage of expected effectiveness (low-fat, carbohydrate or low-calorie diet).

How many genetic variants are being studied?

MyFagron NutriGenTM investigates three polymorphisms in 109 DNA mutations (singular nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs), which lead to 327 (3 x 109) genetic variations on the most important genes responsible for various metabolic pathways associated with weight loss and nutrient requirements.

How can I access the results of my DNA test?

After about 4 weeks, you will be informed by e-mail about the availability of your personal results. Log in to the Fagron Genomics platform and download your detailed evaluation.

How many foods are assigned?

With the NutriGenTM test, you will be created a personalized report as well as an individual nutritional recommendation with over 800 foods in seventeen categories.

Questions about MyFagron NutriGenTM and data protection

How does Fagron Genomics protect my personal data?

Fagron Genomics observes the general European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It provides the security and handling of personal data.

How do I manage my privacy settings?

You have a right to information about your personal data in question, a right to correct incorrect data, under certain conditions a right to deletion of data, to restriction of data processing and to data portability, a right to revoke your consent for future processing informally in writing, unless there are legal regulations to the contrary, as well as a right of appeal to a supervisory authority for data protection to you