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Make genetics your business

Join the Tellmegen Affiliate Program and earn up to a 100 AED commission per kit on all purchases referred by your account

Why Tellmegen Affiliate Program?

You’ve probably heard about DNA tests, but what might be news is the amount of information you can get from today’s market-leading tests. (Spoiler alert: It’s a lot.)

At Mediluxe, we’re super proud to have gotten our hands on the world’s most comprehensive DNA test -Tellmegen! It covers 500 reports, including:


500 reports is a big number – four times what most of the competition offers in fact. 

Another part of the Tellmegen service is, that thanks to continuous genetic studies, it  will be constantly updated with new diseases, personal traits, etc

  • Free to join. No startup or maintenance fees.
  • Receive a 100 AED commission for each tellmegen kit sale that you generate
  • Opportunities to earn higher commissions
  • Frequently updated banners, links and marketing assets
  • Our responsive team will help you grow your revenue
  • Trusted third-party tracking by Shoutout

The training and support is focused on two main areas:

  • Tellmegen Product knowledge
  • Basic business essentials – including sales & marketing and planning

If you want to buy our products for your personal use we will offer you a first time 40% discount over retail price.

On-demand support whenever you need it.

It's unique to each affiliate, and contains everything that you need to recommend Tellmegen, including:

  • Professional info for sharing for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsup  & more.

  • Commission tracking in real-time.

Who We Are Looking For?

We are looking for individuals interested in genetic health information

Motivated individuals who are results driven, and aren't afraid to make recommendations. We're much more interested in motivated partners with a drive to succeed.

We're looking for established relationships with clients, or the capacity to build them. If you're a born salesperson, great! If you're a current contractor or employee, you might also be a fit. Let us know!

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