DNA Test for Nutrition + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit
Nutrigenetics - DNA Test for Nutrition - Includes Genetic Test with at-Home Saliva Collection kit
DNA Test for Nutrition + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit

DNA Test for Nutrition + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit

  • THE NUTRIGENETIC DNA TEST: Among the data to know, this genetic test provides information regarding the most effective diets for your body. The DNA test kit is based on more than 700,000 markers and analyzes 30 traits. It includes an Ancestry Test, which will help you learn more about your genetic data and delve into the genetics of your body. 
  • EASY TO PERFORM: This DNA kit can be done at home. It's very simple and fast: you just have to collect the saliva sample in a tube and send the test to be analyzed. In 4-8 weeks you will receive the results by email. 
  • MULTIPLE DETAILS: Know the best option for a correct diet. Traits such as healthier nutrition, weight, senses, vitamins and minerals are analyzed. In addition, you will know the origin of your ancestors with a lot of geographical details. 
  • DIRECT RESULTS: Our algorithm analyzes the results of your DNA from the genotype obtained in the laboratory- +720000 genetic markers. You will receive the results by mail in PDF in 4-8 weeks so you can print them and have them at hand. 
  • MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The 24Genetics nutrigenetic test includes the genetic predisposition to the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet, the low-fat diet and the low-carbohydrate diet. On the other hand, individual genetics is not only related to health. But also with aspects such as the perception of taste, emotional intake, propensity to peck, feeling full, etc ... All these aspects are also included in the nutritional genetic test of 24Genetics.
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Your healthiest nutrition:

Here you can see your genetic predisposition to certain foods and the most recommended types of diets. 

Vitamins and Minerals:

We will analyze the genes that act on the metabolization of various vitamins and minerals so that you know which foods would be more advisable to take more frequently. 

Your senses:

Your genes will inform us about your possible ability to feel certain flavours more intensely, whether you are prone to sweetness or snacking and the effects of caffeine consumption on you. 

You and your weight:

Here we will study the genes that influence your predisposition towards the effectiveness of different diets. There are genes that affect the tendency to gain weight, the difficulty of satiating and the desire to eat. Not all of us are equally affected by the same diets and the answer may be in our genes. Your genetic information can be your best ally when planning your diet and achieving your goals.

What is Nutrigenetics or Nutrigenomics? 

Surely on many occasions we have found that not everyone feels the same what we eat. 

We see, for example, that another one loses weight when we eat practically the same thing and doing the same exercise. 

These differences are in Nutrigenomics

Make your diets more effective 

The first step before starting a diet is to know which one will be the most effective for you. 

We have seen on many occasions how a very effective diet for another person does not work with us. 

Thanks to the DNA Test for Nutrition of 24Genetics we will be able to see which is the most suitable diet for us. 

Feed yourself smarter 

Knowing your genetic predispositions towards food will help you eat better, feel better and reach your weight goals. 

Based on more than 700,000 DNA markersthis test is extremely deep and detailed. 

And remember, if you want to get the most out of this nutrigenetic test, we recommend that you share it with a specialist nutritionist.

If you have already taken a test from 24Genetics or another company, we may use your raw data to create your 24Genetics sport report. You just have to buy it in our store, and in a short time, you will have your personalized sport report.

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Easy and intuitive

If you are thinking of knowing in a personalized way which foods your metabolism tolerates the most and the least and what is going to make you lose weight and that the sport you do is much more productive, this DNA analysis kit will help you in your purpose.

Content of the DNA Kit 

Mediluxe Medical Supplies | Online
1 - Instructions - a simple guide with icons + form to be filled and signed 2 - Gloves to perform the whole process 3 - Swab + Stabilization Capsule + Stickers 4 - Bag for stocking sample and delivery Pickup included (only in GCC)

DNA Test for Nutrition + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit: EXAMPLE REPORT

Our DNA diet testing will provide you with valuable information for your diet and wellbeing. Reports available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German and Serbian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our DNA tests are possibly the most complete on the market. There are some other simple genetic tests, where they can only give a reduced amount of information. Our genetic test is based on a state-of-the-art genetic sequencing in which we analyse more than 700,000 genetic markers.

So that you can obtain the sample yourself, the DNA kit includes:

  • Saliva collector
  • Latex gloves
  • Instructions
  • Shipping bag
  • Form to register your kit

With a few simple steps indicated in the instructions you will be able to obtain the sample, send it to our laboratories, and we will proceed to perform the DNA study to obtain your genetic report.

A number of studies have shown the influence of genetics on the human body and the way it acts, whether in terms of health, nutrition, playing sports or developing one personality or another, genes have a lot to say.

Discover with a study of your DNA the genetic predisposition to diseases, how to improve your sports performance or what diet will be better to lose weight. With our genetic analysis through DNA testing you will know the genetic and hereditary factors that can define you.

Yes. Your data will always be yours and once we receive your information, we convert it into an encrypted code. Therefore, beyond security procedures, you will always be protected by anonymity.

It is really simple A DNA KIT is home delivered to you.

You will receive a box with a small cotton swab that you simply rub inside your mouth.

After following a few simple instructions, please contact us, so we can organize how to pick the swab back.

At a specialised laboratory, we extract the DNA from the sample that you have sent us, and we carry out a process in which we can read in your DNA.

After a complex computer analysis, our algorithms apply the latest genetic studies to generate the report that we place in your hands.