Genetic Test for Talent and Personality + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit
Genetic Test for Talent and Personality + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit
Genetic Test for Talent and Personality + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit

DNA Test for Talent and Personality + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit

  • THE TALENT DNA TEST: Among the data to know, this genetic test includes information about your predisposition to develop different skills. The DNA test kit is based on more than 700,000 markers and analyses more than 10 traits. 
  • EASY TO MAKE: This DNA kit can be made at home. It is very simple and quick: just collect the saliva sample in a tube and send the test for analysis. In 4-8 weeks you will receive the results by email. 
  • MULTIPLE DETAILS: This genetic talent test provides insight into your strengths and readiness to develop skills. It provides information about your talent traits, personality and possible substance addiction. 
  • DIRECT RESULTS: Our algorithm analyses your DNA results from the genotype obtained in the laboratory. More than 720000 genetic markers. You will receive the results by email in PDF format in 4-8 weeks so that you can print them out. 
  • ABOUT US: With clients in over 100 countries, 24Genetics offers a wide range of testing services. Our goal is to help people improve their health and well-being by providing personalised genetic information.
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Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions.

Summary - we provide you with an iconographic summary of all the features analysed. 

Talent - We analyze your genetic predisposition to develop among other traits, some like figurative creativity or cognitive skills in senescence. 

Personality - We review your genetic predisposition to present, among others, impulsive traits or variations in your mood according to the season of the year (also related to appetite and weight). 

Others - We analyze your genetic information to know your predisposition to develop addiction to certain substances. 

Detail one by one of all the analyzed traits (quoted initially in the summary of the report you receive).

Find out how their genetic map can influence your talents and personality) 

The different personalities of people are given by many factors. Everything that has happened to us has forged our personality. In addition to all these environmental and cultural factors, numerous scientific studies have shown that genetics also influences our personality. Based on 700,000 genetic markers this test is possibly the most complete and deepest on the market. 

We use the most advanced studies for the analysis of your DNA 

In this report, we apply certain prestigious genetic studies to your genetic information and explain the conclusions. The information extracted from these studies should not be taken as a predestination, but as a predisposition that may or may not resemble reality depending on the rest of the factors that, in the case of personality, tend to be the most important ones. 

We research for you to develop your full potential 

These reports may vary over time, in line with the progress of scientific research in the field of genetics. New mutations are continually being discovered and the ones we are analysing today are being better known. In 24Genetics we make a great effort for, in a periodic way, to apply to our reports the consolidated scientific discoveries. 

We remind you that any change you want to make regarding your health must be guided by your doctor. The results of this report are personal, and not applicable to studies on other members of your family.

If you have already taken a test from 24Genetics or another company, we may use your raw data to create your 24Genetics talent report. You just have to buy it in our store, and in a short time, you will have your personalized talent report.

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Content of the DNA Kit 

Mediluxe Medical Supplies | Online
1 - Instructions - a simple guide with icons + form to be filled and signed 2 - Gloves to perform the whole process 3 - Swab + Stabilization Capsule + Stickers 4 - Bag for stocking sample and delivery Pickup included (only in GCC)

DNA Test for Talent and Personality + Ancestry Gift - Includes at-Home Swab Collection kit: EXAMPLE REPORT

. Reports available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German and Serbian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our DNA tests are possibly the most complete on the market. There are some other simple genetic tests, where they can only give a reduced amount of information. Our genetic test is based on a state-of-the-art genetic sequencing in which we analyse more than 700,000 genetic markers.

So that you can obtain the sample yourself, the DNA kit includes:

  • Saliva collector
  • Latex gloves
  • Instructions
  • Shipping bag
  • Form to register your kit

With a few simple steps indicated in the instructions you will be able to obtain the sample, send it to our laboratories, and we will proceed to perform the DNA study to obtain your genetic report.

A number of studies have shown the influence of genetics on the human body and the way it acts, whether in terms of health, nutrition, playing sports or developing one personality or another, genes have a lot to say.

Discover with a study of your DNA the genetic predisposition to diseases, how to improve your sports performance or what diet will be better to lose weight. With our genetic analysis through DNA testing you will know the genetic and hereditary factors that can define you.

Yes. Your data will always be yours and once we receive your information, we convert it into an encrypted code. Therefore, beyond security procedures, you will always be protected by anonymity.

It is really simple A DNA KIT is home delivered to you.

You will receive a box with a small cotton swab that you simply rub inside your mouth.

After following a few simple instructions, please contact us, so we can organize how to pick the swab back.

At a specialised laboratory, we extract the DNA from the sample that you have sent us, and we carry out a process in which we can read in your DNA.

After a complex computer analysis, our algorithms apply the latest genetic studies to generate the report that we place in your hands.