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5 Health Benefits of Reflexology

02 Sep 2018 0 comments
5 Health Benefits of Reflexology

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a technique of applying pressure to the reflex points of the feet and hands. These reflex points correspond to all the major organs and body parts. A trained reflexologist can induce a state of deep relaxation by applying pressure to the reflex points encouraging the bodies natural healing abilities to overcome the many adverse reations to stress.Reflexology is a complimentary treatment and should never be used to replace seeking medical advice however this wonderful therapy will help balance, harmonise and calm the entire body.Reflexology can help just about anyone, from babies to the  elderly,those who are sick or those who are just maintaining health.

There are many health benefits of Reflexolgy but here are our top 5:

Overcoming Stress.

Modern life brings with it many worries. we are working longer hours, juggling family life, trying to be super mums or dads. we find ourselves spending increasing amounts of time on tasks that don’t satisfy us or allow us enough time with our families.Pressue to climb the career ladder and providing for your family are just some of the things that create worry, tension and stress.

Reflexology helps people become less irratable, improve mood and become more tolerant.


The non physical causes of infertility lie in unnecessary stress and anxiety that grow out of many legitimate concerns, relationship stress, the responsibilty that having no children will bring, just the thought of parenthood can create tension even if you aren’t really aware of it. Deep relaxation alleviates stress and tension, releases energy and can stimullate the reproductive organs and promote normal glandular functioning.

Common ailments during pregnancy.

Morning sickness, discomfort, fatigue,hemorroids, headaches,fluid retentio, leg cramps, insomnia …. the list goes on. reflexology has something to offerin the way of relief for each of these symtoms, in some cases instant relief.

Acne & skin disorders.

Today both men and woman go to great pains to improve their complexion. We spend a fortune on skincare and cosmetics. many clients often look at themselves in the mirror and are pleased at how good they look…. dark circles and puffiness around the eyes disappear or fade, tension lines are gone, a tight, rigid jawline softens, this is no miracle, its quite simple, a relaxed face looks more beautiful, when circulation is improved, the skin take son a healthy glow. Reflexology releaxes the entire body and mind, when tension is released the face shows it.

Before tackling the skin itself, we should encourage  to take a course of Reflexolgy or massage treatments to promote relaxation and de-stress, an interesting concept but definitely food for thought!

Energy in Children – too much, too little

Both hyper activity and sluggishness respond well to reflexology. Both conditions can prevent a child from making the best of their childhood years and lead to problems in developement. Treatments in children and generally no longer than 30 minutes and we usually find after the first couple of treatments the child begins to relax and really look forward to their sessions.

Menstrual problems.

Many women become more regular in their menstrual cycles with regular reflexolgy.The chemical changes that occur each month evoke real and emotional discomfort. for a few days, the body is not in its normal hormonal balance, the result can be mood swings, irratability and physical discomfort from cramps, headaches and tender breasts. Regular reflexology sessions in the days leading up to monthly periods can make you feel calmer and make it easier to stay in control. The treatment balances abnormalities that cause periods to be late and by inducing a state of relaxation and alleviating stress the treatment has been sucessful in getting many woman back on more regular cycles.

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