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Do Slimming Creams Work & Are They Safe to Use?

17 Apr 2020 0 comments
Do Slimming Creams Work & Are They Safe to Use?

Today, let’s talk about slimming creams, one of the top skeptical beauty and skincare products on the market.

What are slimming creams?

Slimming creams, also called weight-loss creams, are designed to burn body fat. It absorbs into the skin and burns the fat and blocks cellulite formation. The application process is simple: massage the cream into your areas with excess fat. Keep in mind that massaging is extremely important – don’t simply smear it on. Massaging helps to absorb the cream into the bloodstream. Most say to apply twice daily. It reduces the size of fat cells by temporarily dehydrating them.

Slimming creams will sting or burn a little, but this is (supposedly) proof that it’s working. So if slimming creams work and aid in weight loss, does this mean you should stop exercising? According to most slimming cream experts, exercise is still important, because it’s the best way to burn fat.

In fact, to amp things up, they suggest that you apply your slimming cream prior to exercising.

There are some people who buy slimming creams with the hopes that it will increase their metabolism. This isn’t the case. There’s a process involved where your metabolism uses adipose tissue as energy instead of using food as energy, which aids in fat burning. That’s all thanks to your slimming cream.

But does it really work?

This is a tricky question, because the answer is split down the middle. Some people say yes, it works, while others consider it a waste of money. Those who say yes point out the beneficial ingredients in the products, which vary of course, but are designed for the same results. Most of the ingredients you’ll find include:

1. Cocoa: to increase blood circulation

2. Caffeine: prevents excess fat build-up

3. Bitter orange extract:reduces cellulite

4. Glycyrrhetinic acid: reduces subcutaneous fat (which is under the skin)

5. Ginkgo biloba: blocks alpha-receptors; this prevents fat build-up

6. Andiroba: body slimming cream

7. Aminophylline: a cream that reduces fat

8. Liporeductyl ®: as a slimming, smoothing and venotonic agent.

These ingredients are seemingly effective, which provides a good defense that slimming creams work. Another argument in slimming creams’ favor is that people who use these products claim they work. 

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