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Benefits of Alkaline Water to Pregnancy

08 Aug 2019 0 comments
Benefits of Alkaline Water to Pregnancy

So you’re interested in getting the health benefits of alkaline water, but you’re pregnant. It’s natural and smart to be concerned about whether you should still drink alkaline water when you’re pregnant since many things are off-limits during this special time and because you want your body to be as healthy as it can for your baby.

Is Alkaline Water Safe During Pregnancy?

Your first concern is probably whether alkaline water is harmful to your baby and to your body while you’re pregnant. There hasn’t been scientific data finding that alkaline water causes harm to health. Plus, your body is a master at balancing its acid and alkaline levels, so it will work to counteract the issue if there is ever too much alkaline.

Potential Benefits

Beyond not harming you during pregnancy, there are some benefits of Alkaline Water to Pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, your body becomes more acidic because the baby is taking a lot of your alkaline elements away from you and giving you back acidic waste.

Drinking alkaline water can help give you more alkaline to counteract what the baby is taking and to balance too much acidity that’s coming from your reduced alkaline and the baby’s acidic waste. In addition, alkaline water can ensure that you’re taking in enough of the alkaline minerals your baby needs.

Hydration for Pregnant Women

On top of these benefits, it’s extremely important for an expecting mother to drink more water in general. While you need a fair amount of water for yourself, you need extra for your baby’s body, which is made up of mostly water like your own, and for the water-filled amniotic sac.

Plus, your body needs even more water than normal because your blood volume is greater. With alkaline ionized water, you get better hydration from the micro clusters it’s made up of. On top of that, the alkaline water might help your nauseous, acidic stomach so you can hold on to your water better instead of losing some of it through morning sickness.

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