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Collagen and Scar Management

21 Jul 2018 0 comments
Collagen and Scar Management

A scar that forms during a healing process is a connective tissue that replaces the tissue damaged by an injury or an illness. The scarring process is a part of an ordinary wound healing process during which the damaged skin is being replaced by a new, well-vascularised, granulationing (growing) tissue with numerous collagen fibres that cross-link and form an alignment is single direction, in opposition to a randomized alignment of fibres in the normal skin. Scars form in the wound or lesion area and, depending on a number of factors, a few types of scars may be distinguished, A would healing is a process of tissue recovery after an injury.

Its aim is to reconstruct the continuity of the skin and more or less extensive scar is the result of this process.

Scars Removal

There are many ways of scars removal. The effect of the treatment is dependent on many factors such as a type of the wound, its size, depth, part of the body on which it is located and a period between the scar formation and the beginning of the treatment. The scar matures for one year and we can try to influence its future appearance during this period. Fibroblasts, that is cells producing collagen in the skin, contribute to a significant orderliness of collagen fibres when they are stimulated by extra collagen applied on the skin. Thanks to this the scar gets smoother. Also, some surgical techniques are used.

A plastic surgery usually consists in cutting out the scar and sewing in a skin graft in order to obtain a smooth and even scar, much better than the previous one in terms of visual aspects. A modern method of scars treatment involves the use of expanders, so called tissue stretchers, that may cause the body grow additional, healthy skin that can be transplanted to the scar area. Very common are also silicone gel dressings. Besides treatment may involve a massage and pressing a fingertip against the scar a few times a week.

Stretch marks are scars that appear when the skin’s collagen and elastin fibres are stretched causing tiny tears in the dermis. Rapid weight gain during pregnancy is a primary cause but hormonal changes, yo-yo dieting, obesity and overdoing weight training can also play a part.

Active Collagen and Scars

Test results have shown that Active Natural Collagen is extremely helpful for those who want to get rid of the scar and stretch marks.

Hydrolysed Collagen used in cosmetics and supplements is usually produced from bovine connective tissue or fish cartilage and scales. To transform it into a form that can be utilized in skin care products and supplements, requires aggressive chemical or enzymatic processing called hydrolysis. The final product is called hydrolyzed collagen. It resembles collagen in its amino acid composition, but not in its structure.

Active Natural Collagen is totally different. It is extracted in the form of triple helix (spiral) molecules which are precursors of the collagen fibers. So, it would have become collagen fibre but it was captured and extracted at earlier stages of development and preserved (not processed!) as hydrate.

Active Natural Collagen is one of the most effective products on the market. We know perfectly that our skin consists of collagen fibres. That is why collagen stimulates the formation of a normal skin and makes scars gradually become softer, flatter, and lighter in color. One also should not forget that our body has incredible healing powers. If during an initial process of scarring we use additional products that stimulate a regeneration of the skin, the effects may exceed our expectations.

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