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Comparing laser to radiofrequency in vaginal rejuvenation

26 Feb 2022 0 comments
Comparing laser to radiofrequency in vaginal rejuvenation

Treatment time with radiofrequency is 20 to 30 minutes, versus three to four minutes with laser.

Radiofrequency requires a manual repetitive handpiece movement over the labial and vaginal anatomy, as well as inside the vagina. This can be embarrassing for patients, due to the in-and-out motion, on the other hand, laser has a stationary handpiece, with a 360-degree laser, to cover all areas of the vaginal mucosal wall as it is withdrawn from the vagina

Radiofrequency results in bulk heating for collagen remodeling and tightening. Laser results in cell rejuvenation, tissue regrowth and coagulation, as well as vaginal mucosal tightening, according to Dr. Walden.

There is no downtime with radiofrequency; treatment is pain free; there are no side effects; and providers can treat both the external and internal anatomy. With Laser treatment, patients cannot have intercourse for 48 hours and side effects include cramping and spotting. While the device can treat the internal anatomy

We like to do radiofrequency on patients who want to treat the external labial appearance for tightening and shrinkage, as well as internal tightening. And laser on patients who only want internal tightening and aren't concerned so much with external appearance, [as well as those] who are shy or anxious about bearing their genitals to another healthcare provider for very long.

Both techniques treat stress urinary incontinence and help tighten the vagina for enhanced sensation and sexual experience

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