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Dermaroller and Growth Factors

02 Nov 2018 0 comments
Dermaroller and Growth Factors

Growth Factors can now be found in most advanced skin clinics and are starting to show positive results in relation to age management and scarring.

So what are Growth Factors and why are they important in relation to skin repair and maintenance?

Growth Factors act as chemical messengers between cells and help to regulate activities within the cell.  Traditionally, growth factors have mainly come from Bovine Colostrum but we now have growth factors from human foreskin  and from Plants.  

Growth Factors are needed for any stage of collagen replacement or repair.  Their use can be further enhanced when considering other modalities that stimulate wound healing, such as Dermaroller.  Ideally growth factors would be used in the post healing phase of in clinic roller and also as part of a daily routine incorporating home dermaroller.

Growth Factors have been used extensively in wound healing for years, to facilitate a more comprehensive healing process, so it makes sense that these interesting ingredients are becoming so useful in relation to collagen synthesis and age management.  Any product that can claim to encourage new cell and blood vessel growth, encourage the production of collagen and elastin and plays a role in cell division is definitely one to watch and is certainly one to use in your own nightly derma roller routine.

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