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Essential care after a cosmetic botox injection

12 Sep 2018 0 comments
Essential care after a cosmetic botox injection

You have just come from a Botox treatment for your wrinkles. In the first few days, you’re already able to observe the lifting and rejuvenating results of this cosmetic treatment: your facial muscles are relaxed, your laugh lines have been smoothed, you have recovered your youthful, relaxed face, while maintaining an astonishingly natural look.

Did you know that there are simple ways to further enhance the effects of your Botox treatment? Here are 3 pro tips to maximize your treatment and maintain a face full of vitality for longer.

Enjoy the benefits of microdermabrasion and peeling to complete your Botox treatment

Botox injections can wisely be enhanced by these two treatments, to increase the anti-aging effects.

Microdermabrasion offers a deep cleansing and purifying action for your skin. Your face regains its luster, pigmentation spots, fine lines and pores are less visible. Thereby, your skin looks younger.

On the other end, peelings stimulate the epidermis and the dermis to help skin effectively fight against aging. Acne, photoaging, pigmentation irregularities, small or deep wrinkles: peeling brings tone to the face while greatly complementing the lifting effect of Botox injections.

Extend the effects of Botox at home with specialized care products

To maximize the results of your Botox injections and extend the rejuvenating effect, consider choosing appropriate cosmetics, that will hydrate your skin deeply while stimulating collagen synthesis.

Anti-aging treatment with Growth Factors push the rejuvenation process even further. Designed to prevent and correct the effects of time, these home treatments are designed to be used after a Botox treatment, but also beforehand, to keep skin looking young for as long as possible!

Optimize your treatment schedule

Generally, waiting three months between each treatment is standard practice. Do not wait until the effects of your treatment completely disappear before seeing your doctor. This will allow them to evaluate the results of Botox on your skin, and adapt the treatment to your particular needs. Depending on changes in the appearance of your face, your doctor will advise a suitable treatment schedule, designed to maintain a natural continuity in your rejuvenating process.

By carefully following the recommendations of your healthcare practitioner, and opting for products and treatments specifically designed to support the effects of the Botox injections, you will give your face a real makeover.

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