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Am I Too Young for Eye Cream?

28 Jul 2019 0 comments
Am I Too Young for Eye Cream?

Actually, you're not. Eye treatments and eye creams strike most people under 30 as unnecessary anti-aging” prpducts  like an additional expense you think you can worry about later in life, like when you start drinking rosé at 4PM. Well, while mid-life, eye wrinkles, and early evening rosé might seem like it's too many years away, your super-thin under eye skin is begging for your attention right now in your youth. Here's what you should know before you wake up one day suddenly looking like your mother.

The main goal of an eye cream, aside from brightening the eye area and reducing the look of fine lines, Nazarian said, is “to deliver the same ingredients you would use on the other parts of the face but at doses that are gentle enough to not trigger irritation in a delicate area of the body.”

Wondering when to start using eye cream?

Ever heard the phrase, "there's never been a better time than right now"? That's it. Start using eye cream as soon as possible to protect your skin from the signs of aging. And, we might mention, those signs of aging will be here before you know it.

Facts About Your Eye Skin (Why "Now" is a Good Policy)

  • Eye skin delicate. Your under eye skin is thin, fragile and prone to losing moisture at any age.
  • Concealers and powders can further draw out moisture from the skin around your eye.
  • Waxing your brows can create trauma around your eye and accelerate the look for aging. Yanking and pulling at your eyes is a bad idea whether you're 20, 30, or 80.
  • Some eye creams can make your eye MORE dry in the long run. Really.

Protecting Your Eye Skin at Any Age

Those facts above being said, there are some common sense items to check off your list to keep your beautiful eyes looking as youthful as possible as you age.

  1. Avoid harsh rubbing or pulling on eyes to remove makeup. A gentle oil, like organic coconut oil is a great product for doing this gently every night. We love coconut oil because it's not only available in organic, it's also gentle on the eyes and your wallet.
  2. Choose an eye cream with hydrating and healing nutrients and use it day and night, and even midday if you feel you need it. Avoid anything containing alcohol, which is drying. Apply with the tips of your ring finger, gently tapping until applied.
  3. Apply a small amount of eye cream under your concealer to keep the concealer from leaching moisture out of your skin and to give eyes a fresh, healthy appearance. Gently apply the  concealer with a soft foundation brush and avoid pulling the skin.
  4. Choose tweezing your eye brows over waxing. You'll thank us when you're 40.
  5. Stop making that squinty face. It didn't look good on your mom either.

Which Eye Cream is Best for My Age?

Eye serums, creams, treatments... what is what? and do I need a different eye cream when I'm 20, 30, or 40+? Forget the semantics and look at the ingredients. To know if an eye moisturizing product is best suited for your skin’s needs, just look at the label. (Psst... we like our organic eye creamthe best) We believe that the correct ingredients that won’t be harmful to your routine, and won't break your bank. There are a lot of good products out there, but make sure, whatever you chose, avoid anything with alcohol in it, or too many chemicals (which cause damage no matter what "good" ingredient is in formula. 

How Often Should I Use Eye Cream at My Age?

If you're thinking you should only have to apply eye cream once a day, you're wrong. If you're in your 20s or 30s, apply eye cream once in the morning and once before bed at the very least. If you're over 35, we recommend applying your eye cream lightly throughout the day, up to 4 times per day, to keep your skin hydrated and protected.

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