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Growth Factors are Collagen Activators

21 Jul 2018 0 comments
Growth Factors are Collagen Activators

In essence the Growth Factors are substances they are allocated in our blood (plasma and platelet inside), mainly proteins which are involved in intracellular communication and have the function of stimulating different metabolic processes of regeneration bone, epidermal tissue or connective tissue. 

When the Growth Factors are used to epidermal level, they are called, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factors) and they are very beneficial to stimulate and improve the appearance of skin, 

Thus, the Growth Factors stimulate new tissue production, increasing and improving the speed of cell phone repair and it can have several origins: vegetable, marine or natural’s own plasma.>


It has been widely used in Aesthetic, anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine, as well as in the process of healing and wound healing, including burns. In medicine, this asset is applied in the form of injections, usually as Mesotherapy and it is made to penetrate the plasma to the indicated area. This gets that skin looks firmer and activated, because in a way we are stimulating blood circulation. 

In the skin, as in the rest of the body’s cells, this protein has the ability to stimulate the life of cells, in its development and in its renewal and survival

They are, in short, cell activators of the biological process of skin cells, which it have an important role in the maintenance and renewal of each cell. This obviously led to consider their inclusion in the development of new generations of cosmetics.

However, the great challenge it was on how to replace these natural proteins that they are present in the plasma of human body wound healing 


Growth Factors of vegetable origin, although there is also a Growth Factors that comes from bacterial origin, and even animal (usually marine) it is used in cosmetics. Plant growth factor is based on a protein similar to the platelet growth factor that, it is obtained from stem cells, specifically from the seeds of barley.

It can be used also, as epidermal Growth Factor which it is achieved with the E. Coli bacteria or animal cells, but anyway the extraction from plant cells, it’s preferable to avoid the endotoxins from these bacteria. Another option is to extract these ingredients of marine origin, specifically from algae. The advantage of this product with other components in cosmetics is that it is bio-absorbable. 

From this point the innovation provided by Prima Derm SL has been get virtually identical proteins to the growth factor, in different formats (SCELLEYE, EPITENSIVE, and PUREOXIN) to increase, not only the factor of regeneration of the skin but also the best addition to dermal and basal, due to its total bi-compatibility level.


Youthful skin produced Growth Factors in sufficient quantity, which achieves a quick repair and a youthful appearance. The sufficient amount of collagen and elastin help maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin matrix. 

But with the passage of the years, skin aging, among other reasons for the decrease in the ability to repair. The skin is tuned, loses elasticity and firmness It decreases the quality and the quantity of collagen in the skin, so it increases the formation of wrinkles and lines of the skin by the decline in the ability to repair. 

Epidermal Growth Factor action, inside the cell (nucleus) this message translates into different cell as protein production activities (such as collagen) and the increase of the gene activity and cell division (cell production). With this we can improve the appearance of skin, revitalizing it. It increases the quantity and quality of the collagen that it produces, so skin stays smoother. 

When we grow older, the skin repair is slower. However, to apply this, the skin reacts more quickly. The Factor acts by activating certain biological processes of cells, stimulating the own renewal of the skin to improve the appearance and texture.

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