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Pregnancy and Your Skin and Collagen

12 Aug 2018 0 comments
Pregnancy and Your Skin and Collagen

During the first trimester, the skin is in a flux, it is trying to accomplish a lot, including balancing hormones, providing nutrients to the wee one, while still providing what the mom needs to stay healthy.

Therefore, it is common to have skin like that of a teenager in puberty. Hormonal breakouts, in the form of hard cysts, oilier t-zone, redness, visible capillaries, are all-normal and will subside during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. After the second is usually when the “Pregnancy Glow” sets in and from that point on things will be great. 

Of course, this is all very individual, some women have absolutely perfect skin normally, totally have the opposite during the entire pregnancy, and vice versa.

What treatments can and can’t a mom-to-be undergo during pregnancy?

There are very specific treatments to avoid , and those that certain doctors are very adamant about. Lasers, IPL, Chemical Peels and even certain forms of massage are included.

However, Microdermabrasion, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (to remove Puffiness), and anything that is nurturing, calming and feeding to the skin is appropriate and beneficial to help support the skin and the mom. Nothing worse than not feeling pretty about your face when everything else is freaking out!!!!

What products are ok and what’s not ok to use when you are pregnant?

Definitely anything with any form of Vitamin A(Retin A, Retinol, Renova, Retinyl Palmitate) should be highly avoided. There are certain essential oils that are considered Emmenagogue (increases menstrual flow) these include Chamomile, Sage, Ginger and Peppermint.

We generally recommend to use products which support cellular activity, like Epidermal Growth Factors, Ceramides and Peptides, Lactic Acid (safe during pregnancy) along with soothing rose and lavender crèmes and serums.

What causes a pregnancy mask and what can a woman do about it if she gets one while pregnant?

The constant hormonal fluctuations increase the sensitivity to both heat and sun during the first two trimesters. This is a crucial time to be very careful with sun exposure and as well any hot activity. Most people do not realize that these both are factors which lead to the increase in melanin in the skin. Think about it, the purpose of the melanin is to protect us from damage, and therefore, hot sun, hot rooms , or hot cars are not our friends during these first months.

Why do some woman break out during pregnancy?

Again, hormonal fluctuation triggers a response in the pore where the bacteria are hiding. It is important during this time to make sure to keep your skin clean, especially if you are working out(who does not want to hold onto at least a bit of our body shape). Within 15 minutes after any type of sweating is when the oil will solidify in the pores and create the environment for infection to breed. Keeping the skin clean will promote a healthy complexion free of breakouts. And if you get that feeling like something is brewing, an ice cube placed gently on the sore area will kill any p.acnes bacteria that might be trying to rear it’s ugly head. Lay ice cube gently, do not press hard, and remove when it hurts from the cold. Reapply until it goes away!!!

Is there anything to do to prevent or get rid of stretch marks?

Microdermabrasion or scrubbing the area will gently increase cellular turnover, and applying a Collegen gel over after will give it the extra boost it needs to start increasing blood flow and healing to the area. It takes time, imagine, they did not occur overnight, so slow and steady will win the battle.

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