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Receding Gums? You May Need Collagen

12 Nov 2019 0 comments
Receding Gums? You May Need Collagen

Yes, you read that correctly. In a new procedure, Natural Collagen applied topically to receding gums can help with healing time and to protect painful, exposed roots, according to research published in the journal Head & Face Medicine.

Typically, when a patient has extensively receding gums, he or she must undergo surgery to graft tissue from elsewhere, which is used on their gums in order to protect the root that can decay when it's exposed. However, not all patients can endure surgery or they may not have enough viable tissue to graft.

With the new procedure, six months later, because the natural collagen topical application helped the body's own cells repair the damage, most of the patients' had improved their gum recession.

If faced with the need to repair receding gums, would you consider going the Natural Collagen  route?

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