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Shampoo To Regenerate Hair That Really Works

30 Aug 2022 0 comments
Shampoo To Regenerate Hair That Really Works

Hair loss is a serious problem. For people with this problem, the market usually offered products only to strengthen the hair that was still left on the head. Some products were also able to prevent further hair loss. Until this shampoo from Colway appeared, and with it the possibility of stimulating new hair growth. We are proud to announce that the properties of our shampoo have been confirmed by positive application test results!

This product is patented. The patent itself is a guarantee, in the case of our shampoo, of its (proven) efficacy. This efficacy, in the form of real stimulation of the activity of the hair follicles,

What does the research on shampoo show?

These tests were performed under dermatological control at the renowned and accredited JS Hamilton research laboratory. They confirmed that our shampoo is very well tolerated by all types of scalp. None of the users experienced irritation or dryness of the scalp. All study participants confirmed that the shampoo gently cleanses and cares for the scalp, strengthens and softens hair, reduces hair loss and prevents static. The full results of the study are in the table at the end of this article.


The key ingredients of the product are diosmin, sea buckthorn oil, silver linden extract, amaranth extract and collagen.  Apart from them, there are also other bioactive molecules, including vitamin E.

The ingredient that plays an important role in guaranteeing the properties of this product is diosmin. It is a natural compound that is widespread in nature and is found in many plants. As it belongs to the group of flavonoids, by its nature it has excellent antioxidant activity, protecting against free radicals.   

However, diosmin has another property that is extremely useful for maintaining hair volume, namely , it causes the contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels that reach the hair papilla.  Thanks to this, it naturally forces blood flow to accelerate in this area.  And because where blood circulates faster, oxygen and nutrients are more efficiently absorbed and carbon dioxide and metabolic toxins are removed, the hair papilla quickly gets the ingredients it needs to absorb and maintain the bioactivity it needs. results in hair growth.

Why Micronized Diosmin?

In our shampoo, diosmin is in a micronized form, which means it is available as very small particles, less than 5 microns in size.  Thanks to this, they are effectively absorbed at the application site and arrive and act where they should arrive and act, that is, the hair follicle.  Micronization also means that smaller diosmin particles have a greater chance of staying in the vicinity of hair follicles for more  than  a few seconds during hair washing, as they can avoid rinsing with water and settle into gaps and irregularities. of the scalp. As a result, they can stimulate blood circulation in the capillaries of the hair papilla for much longer.   More time here literally means until the next hair wash.

What is the role of the other ingredients in the shampoo?

Sea buckthorn oil:  Provides flavonoids, carotenoids, as well as numerous vitamins, including C, B, A, as well as mineral salts and unsaturated fatty acids.  Strengthens the hair and prevents it from falling out.  In addition, it regenerates the hair and gives it shine and vitality. 

Amaranth extract: Source of a large amount of polysaccharides, proteins, essential unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin E. It acts as an antioxidant, which protects the vitality of hair follicles.  It also allows the reconstruction of losses in the hair shaft, which is of great importance for people who care not only about thickening the hair, but also about maintaining or restoring the good condition of the hair on the scalp.  As health comes from balance, that is why it is included in the shampoo

Silver Linden Extract:  A natural solution to soothe scalp irritations, regulate sebum secretion, as well as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, ideal for dry, weak and damaged hair.

Collagen: Since hair is a protein structure, our shampoo also contains  collagen. It is a carrier of numerous amino acids necessary to build the protein structure of the hair. 

How does a shampoo work to thicken hair?

This shampoo really strengthens and improves the structure of the hair and it does so throughout its length, starting from the bulbs.  As a result, the  hair stops falling out .  On the other hand, due to accelerated blood circulation , mechanisms to thicken hair are activated, due to which dormant hair follicles are activated.  This results in the production of new hair.  In active bulbs, the biological processes that favor the elongation and strengthening of the hair shaft are intensified.

Thanks to the activity of micronized diosmin and the amount of ingredients applied to the scalp,  hair growth is accelerated .  The combined power of the bio-ingredients contained in the product also favors the regeneration of the hair, which is noticeable at first sight, because it regains its shine, it becomes more durable and dense.

The beauty of the scalp depends on many properties of the scalp.  Our shampoo makes it free of irritations and with the hydrolipidic layer, it translates into good hydration of the hair.  It is also protected against free radicals, thanks to which it maintains its natural effectiveness.  Let's also mention that antioxidant protection is also important for hair thickness, because when the body is under stress, hair loss begins to increase.

Shampoo for adults only?...

No, this product has been prepared for adolescents and adults. The reason is simple: in both age groups there is a hair loss problem: due to stress, hormonal problems, dietary irregularities, age-related changes ... For To achieve the desired effect of thick hair, this product should be used twice a week. Such a frequency of use ensures regular supply to the hair follicles with the above-mentioned ingredients and thus stimulation of these structures and hair growth. they can work without problems.  After 2-3 uses, the hair falls out less and after 2-3 months, the hair thickening effect appears.

Finally, a piece of advice: to strengthen and complete its effect, we recommend using the shampoo with our conditioner. They are two products that complement each other perfectly.

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Study Results

Effects of thickening shampoo for hair % positive responses
Gentle washing and care of the hair and scalp 100
Effective hair and scalp cleansing 100
Acceleration of hair growth 96
Stimulate hair growth
(increase in their number and appearance of new hair at the base of the forehead, the so-called "baby hair")
Inhibiting hair loss 100
hair thickening 92
Reducing hair breakage 92
Visible hair strengthening 96
Strengthen hair so it falls out less 100
Hair regeneration: restore shine, increase density and strength 88
hydrated hair impression 96
Impression of nourished hair 92
shiny and shiny hair 92
Increased elasticity and elasticity of the hair 96
Gentle on the scalp - no irritation or allergies 100
Increased hair volume 92
Hair does not collect static 100
Hair straightening 100
Improved hair condition 92
Easier to detangle hair 84

* Application research carried out on a group of 25 people over a period of 84 days.

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