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Wearing a hijab? Here’s how to care for your hair

23 Nov 2018 0 comments
Wearing a hijab? Here’s how to care for your hair

When you don’t wear a hijab you probably think you are one lucky lass to flaunt your hair right? You can style it anyhow, cut it, braid it and basically just use it to complement your beauty. But truth is, wearing a hijab might be the best thing you could do for your hair. Due to less manipulation and protection from elements such as weather, hair growth and thickness will abide in your head.

However, this does not mean leaving your hair to nature. Frequent wearing of your hijab can sometimes lead to hijab-hair which is flat, light and feels frizzy. To avoid this, here are some tips on how to maintain your hair for all you hijabi beauties.

Sit in the sun

As your hair is covered for most of the time throughout the day, this means it rarely gets exposure to sunlight which is vital for vitamins. While you may not be able to sit outside with your open hair, you can always open the windows and find a spot in the house that has maximum sunlight. Be sure to do this for at least 30 minutes in a week and your hair will appreciate the Vitamin D.

Let your hair down

Having your hair in a hijab all day means that your hair is constantly tied and rarely gets room to breathe. Make sure you untie your hair when you get home to allow for circulation in the scalp. Run your fingers through your hair to release the built-up tension from being under the hijab all day long.

Use natural fabric scarves

Natural fabrics such as cotton and silk are great material for your scarves. Artificial material such as nylon will cause friction with your hair leading to breakage and development of split ends. If you really have to use a scarf made from artificial fabrics be sure to tie a bandana first to protect your hair.

Do not tie wet hair

You may be running late but tying up your hair when it is wet is a huge no no for hijabis. Wet hair makes your strands weaker as the hijab pulls against them leading to breakage and split ends. Damp hair will also lead to dandruff so go right ahead and blow dry that hair for a healthy scalp.

Maintain general hair care

While your hair may be out of sight under that hijab, it should definitely not be out of mind! Do not neglect your hair just because it is covered. Make sure to regularly brush it to avoid knotting up.

Also incorporate hair-loss treatments to your regiment at least every weekend to ensure your hair keeps growing and stays strong.

Tie the hair loosely

Considering your hair is covered up for many hours, it is important to make sure you do not have it tied too tight. This will cause strain on the scalp as well as weaken your hair strands causing hair to fall. If you need to you can wear an under-cap to keep your baby hairs protected.

There you have it, six hacks for healthy hair under that pretty hijab.

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