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Revealing water’s secrets: Deuterium-depleted water

29 Aug 2018 1 comment
Revealing water’s secrets: Deuterium-depleted water

The deuterium concentration in the adult body is of approximately 120 to 140 ppm. Although it doesn’t seem much, if we compare this quantity to the mass of other vital elements in the blood, we can see that deuterium is present in an amount six times greater than calcium and ten times greater than magnesium.

Qlarivia 25 is a drinking water with a concentration of deuterium of 25±5 ppm (parts per million) obtained by a process patented in Romania and internationally protected. This is approximately five to six times less deuterium content than that contained within normal drinking water.

The technology used allows the obtaining of deuterium-depleted water (DDW for short). The owner of this technology is Mecro System SRL, who produces the deuterium-depleted water under the Qlarivia Trademark.

Deuterium depleted water, sometimes called “light water”, is a water in which deuterium is found in a smaller concentration than in naturally occurring water. Water with a deuterium molecule concentration of 1 to 120 parts per million can be considered deuterium depleted water or DDW for short.

In average, deuterium is found in a concentration of 150 parts per million, in normal water. That is a rate of 1 deuterium atom for 6400 hydrogen atoms.

The deuterium content of waters in Europe is of 150 ppm (parts per million), with small fluctuations. The waters at the Equator have 155 ppm deuterium, while waters in northern Canada have 130-140 ppm deuterium.

The deuterium quantity found in waters of a certain region is proportional to the deuterium concentration within the organisms living in that region.

Deuterium is one of the two hydrogen isotopes.
The nucleus of most hydrogen atoms in nature contains one proton (chemical symbol: 1H), but the nucleus of some hydrogen atoms can contain one proton and one neutron or one proton and two neurons. In the first case, it is called deuterium (2H or D), and the second – tritium (3H or T).

The abundance of deuterium in the water on Earth is approximately one deuterium atom to 6400 hydrogen atoms (156,25 parts per million-ppm), or 0.0156%.

This deuterium concentration changes very little from a natural water source to another.

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1 comment

Deuterium Test

Well explained guide.

20 Dec 2021

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