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Unraveling the Mysteries of Your DNA with tellmeGen

03 Jun 2023
Unraveling the Mysteries of Your DNA with tellmeGen

In the realm of personal genomics, tellmeGen stands out as a pioneer, offering the most comprehensive DNA test available on the market. With a mission to empower individuals with knowledge about their genetic makeup, tellmeGen provides insights into various aspects of your health, ancestry, and personal traits. This blog post will delve into the offerings of tellmeGen, the technology behind their DNA test, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Understanding tellmeGen's DNA Test

tellmeGen's DNA test is designed to uncover a wealth of information about you that you might not have been aware of. It provides insights into pharmacological compatibility, inherited monogenic diseases, personal traits, wellness, and ancestry.

Pharmacological compatibility is a key aspect of personalized medicine. It helps understand why certain medications may not work as expected for some individuals. tellmeGen's DNA test can provide insights into this, helping you understand which medications are most likely to be effective for you.

Inherited monogenic diseases are diseases caused by changes in a single gene. Being a carrier of a monogenic disease can have implications for your health and your family's health. tellmeGen's DNA test can identify if you are a carrier of such diseases.

Personal traits, wellness, and ancestry are other areas where tellmeGen's DNA test can provide valuable insights. From understanding dozens of genetic personal traits that make you unique to learning about your well-being, nutrient metabolization, muscle performance, and ancestry, tellmeGen's DNA test offers a comprehensive view of your genetic makeup.

DNA Connect, a service offered by tellmeGen, allows you to search for genetic matches with other individuals and communicate with them. This feature is included in the tellmeGen genetic test.

The tellmeGen Experience

tellmeGen's DNA test is not just a one-time service. The company emphasizes research and continuous improvement of their DNA test. The more than 750,000 mutations studied in the genetic test are just the starting point of your tellmeGen experience. You can expect to receive regular updates on new features, information about your genetics, and updated reports on your results.

Customer service is a priority at tellmeGen. If you have purchased a genetic test and need support, their customer service team is always available and eager to assist you. They aim to address any questions or issues within 24-48 hours.

Privacy and Security

tellmeGen takes privacy, confidentiality, and data security very seriously. They utilize the most advanced security protocols and the latest computer encryption technology to maximize security in accordance with current legislation. All connections to and from their website are secured under the SSL cryptographic protocol.

Technology and Laboratory

tellmeGen uses Illumina's newest chip, the Global Screening Array (GSA chip), which contains over 750,000 markers. They also customize the chip with more than 10,000 SNPs that have been carefully selected to provide additional clinically relevant information. Their genetic analysis is conducted in centers that hold the ISO9001:2015 certificate and comply with all corresponding regulations, ensuring the highest quality standards and the accuracy and reliability of their results.


  1. What is genetic predisposition? Genetic predisposition refers to the increase or decrease in the probability of suffering from a certain disease depending on the genetics of each person. It is also called "genetic susceptibility".

  2. Can children take the genetic test? Yes. Genetic testing for children can be particularly beneficial since they are the population group that can adapt more their lifestyle and habits based on the results. From an early age, they can avoid or reduce the risk of developing certain diseases or exposure to various substances, including drugs, among others.

  3. How long doesit take to get the results of the genetic test? The average waiting time is 4-6 weeks from the moment the samples are received at the lab. You can access your results in the private area of the tellmeGen platform from a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and you can also download them as a PDF file.

  4. Will my genetic test results be updated over time? Yes. At tellmeGen, they place great importance on genetic studies and as a result, your account will be regularly updated with new information on diseases, drugs, and more, all at no extra cost.

  5. How secure is my data with tellmeGen? The results of your genetic test are completely confidential and protected. When you register for the test, your data is converted into an alphanumeric encrypted code automatically. During the analysis and in the lab, no one has access to your personal information. At tellmeGen, they strictly follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have established both physical and computer barriers to ensure the utmost privacy and security of your information.


In the era of personalized medicine, understanding your genetic makeup is not just a luxury but a necessity. tellmeGen's comprehensive DNA test offers a unique opportunity to delve into your genetics and understand various aspects of your health, wellness, and ancestry. With a commitment to research, continuous improvement, and customer service, tellmeGen is a reliable partner in your journey of self-discovery and health management.

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