DNA Cosmetics

One.gen/0.1 Cosmetics

One.gen/0.1 is a complete personalised cosmetic treatment that begins with a genetic test and a skin preparation phase. Once the personalised formula has been created, the genomic skin treatment begins. This treatment is supplemented with a moisturiser and a protector.

Mediluxe Team

The Processs

To start the treatment for the first time, you will need to have a genetic test run. You may set up an appointment with any of the medical centres that collaborate with one.gen/0.1 or request the test directly to Mediluxe

Proven efficiency

The genetic treatment ensures maximum efficacy by responding to the specific needs of each individual’s skin and by acting on the source of the problem, rather than on its visible effect on the skin:

  • - Average active ingredient concentration: 65% - It contains the highest concentration of the active ingredients tailored to each particular genetic profile.
  • - Visible results in 1 month - The efficacy of one.gen/0.1 is patently visible as of the start of the treatment.
  • - Reduced ageing of the skin - It visibly diminishes the signs of ageing, including age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, dullness or roughness and it prevents the appearance of new signs.
  • - Maintains the health of the skin - Because this programme is custom-designed for your skin, one.gen/0.1 maintains the optimal health of the skin and prevents the appearance of any future problems.

Why One.gen/0.1?

5 reasons to do the one.gen/0.1 genetic treatment:

  1. 1- To discover your genetic map Because with the one.gen/0.1 genetic analysis, you will find out if there are alterations in your genes that affect the health and ageing process of your skin.
  2. 2- Because it is the world’s most complete genetic skin analysis Analysing a total of 37 genetic alterations and 51 dermatological and lifestyle variables, this is the most complete study of what is happening to your skin.
  3. 3- Because of the reliability of the analysis and its results Using the most advanced genetic engineering, the technical reliability of one.gen/0.1 is 99.9 %. This high quality in both the analysis and the treatment translates to visible results in less than one month.
  4. 4- Because it’s the best thing for your skin Each one.gen/0.1 cosmetic treatment is personalised, giving the skin what it truly needs in each case. This translates to bigger and better results.
  5. 5- Simply, for you Because investing in oneself is the best investment of all. With one.gen/0.1, you will see first-hand what happens within yourself. After all, DNA is the key that unlocks all the secrets hidden inside of us.

The Products

Skin DNA Test

3,150 AED

GEN.Cosmetic Set

2,100 AED