Growth Factor Vials

SOS: Growth Factor Vials

S.O.S. is the first range of intensive dermo-cosmetic treatments based on exclusive combinations of cellular Growth Factors that are bio-identical to human growth factors (NGF) produced in plant cells.

Mediluxe Team

SOS Shine

Dhs. 577

S.O.S. Shine is an intensive illuminating treatment for skin with pigmentation caused by age or exposure to the sun.the regulation of sk ...

SOS Reactive

Dhs. 577

S.O.S. Reactive is an intensive and long-lasting treatment that actively relieves hypersensitivity in reactive skins. 


Dhs. 577

S.O.S. Age is a comprehensive and intensive anti-ageing treatment with a restructuring, reparative and strengthening effect.

SOS Detox

Dhs. 577

S.O.S. Detox-Pollution is an intensive treatment against environmental attacks (sun, pollution, tobacco, etc.). 


  • Daily use
  • Shake before opening for the first time (and before each application)
  • Each vial contains a dose equivalent to 7 days of treatment.

Instructions for use


Step 1

Hold the body of the vial and break the neck by exerting pressure on it.


Step 2

Pour the daily dose onto your hand as marked on the vial.


Step 3

Apply the serum to your face, neck and décolleté by gently massaging using circular movements up and down till is completely absorbed.

Then put the lid back on the vial and continue with your usual daily beauty routine.