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Detox Diet to get rid of Parasites

29 Dec 2020 0 comments
Detox Diet to get rid of Parasites

Are you permanently tired? Don't you sleep well? Do you feel like it at all? Do you often lack the strength and energy to do things? Do you feel any digestive discomfort? Do pimples or other imperfections usually appear on your face? Is your hair getting greasy quickly? Is it difficult for you to lose weight? Are you familiar with any of these symptoms? It may be time to take some products that allow you to start a Detox diet.

Most of us complain about a bad condition, lack of energy and our physical appearance. Unfortunately, almost no one is aware of what the reason can really be.

It is obvious that every day we are exposed to the influence of adverse environmental factors, such as: air pollution, exhaust gases, smog, toxic compounds in food, pesticides, antibiotics. As a result, a large amount of toxins accumulate in our body in a single year. But this is not your only source!

Few people are aware that our body has a series of parasitic organisms that deprive us of nutrients every day and poison us with their metabolites. Parasites, fungi and bacteria constantly attack us, trying every day to penetrate our body. We don't even realize that by touching the proverbial "door handle" in a public place, we can automatically become hosts of unwanted guests, and from there, sometimes there is only one step to the loss of health. If the toxins they produce accumulate in the human body for too long, they weaken their condition, negatively affecting our health and well-being. In such conditions, it is extremely easy to develop infections, allergies, sleep problems, weakness, which in turn can lead to more serious diseases, even those of cancer.

Of course, our body has a natural ability to get rid of harmful compounds and toxic substances, but today there are so many that this natural defense mechanism is no longer enough for us. It turns out that the main reason for the excessive development of parasites and mycosis in our bodies is precisely the decrease in immune resistance, which is often caused by: past diseases, antibiotic therapy, poor diet that destroys the friendly intestinal flora. The weakened organism is an excellent environment for the development of threatening parasites, which, being invasive, take away many of our valuable nutrients. [they take away many valuable nutrients. ]

Why aren't these topics discussed out loud?

Previously, great importance was given to the regular internal cleaning of the body, especially of unloved guests. Our grandmothers took care of the proper intestinal flora by serving a preparation rich in probiotics on the daily menu such as sauerkraut and preparing herbal teas. In addition, a low-sugar diet made it not easy for parasites to find a good candidate for their activity.

For several years, the public has been informed that the problem of parasites in our climate zone practically does not exist, and the causes of common diseases, today, are practically unknown. It is a very strange thesis, in a situation in which it is extremely easy to get infected with a parasite, and even more so by eating an unhealthy diet, rich in sugar and highly processed products, which is a true paradise for parasites and fungi.

The World Health Organization warns: parasites are one of the most common causes of the development of diseases that are a direct threat to humans. Currently, even up to 90 percent of the world's population can be their carrier, and up to 80% of diseases have an etiological relationship with them. The consequences of parasitic infection can be very dangerous, since they can affect virtually any organ and tissue in the human body. Parasites interrupt internal metabolic processes, stealing from people the nutrients necessary for their proper functioning, which in turn leads to very serious diseases.

Studies, above all, of diseases of the immune system, those of the digestive system and the liver have shown that organisms such as Candida albicans are absolutely undesirable in our body. Therefore, we should not underestimate mycosis, candidiasis, mouth ulcers and even seemingly innocent canker sores.

How do we get infected?

Parasites penetrate the body in many ways, but more often by ingestion. Unfortunately, we live in the false belief that this problem does not concern us, since, we wash our hands as well as the vegetables and fruits we eat. At home probably yes, we take care of hygiene, but how many times have you thought about having a salad in a restaurant, if the vegetables have been really well washed? What about those beautiful strawberries in your nearby bakery? Did the person who gave them to you as a delicious dessert have clean hands? Do you really know? You can easily add raw meat in the form of tartar or sushi to the list. Infection also occurs when drinking water contaminated with parasite eggs, as a result of insect bites, and even by air, where dust and dust carry the eggs of parasites, especially intestinal worms. Did you know that the lice of dogs and cows carry eggs from intestinal worms? The animals chew them, swallow them, and then through their breath and sneezing they spread to about 5 meters! Often, the infection occurs while we bathe in several external water tanks, swimming pools. So, are you sure that you have everything under control and that the problem of parasites does not concern you?

How to detect it?

Generally, we realize the presence of parasites too late, since their detection is very difficult. Poisoning caused by parasites, fungi and protozoa often does not give any obvious symptoms, and they are often misinterpreted by us and associates, by family doctors, with a completely different reason from their appearance. That is why it is worth observing our body carefully and as soon as the disturbing symptoms appear, take immediate measures to cleanse the body of parasites and their toxins, to stop its development in time and not lead to a real invasion, which will be difficult to manage.

The typical symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are:

  • chronic weakness or fatigue;
  • weight loss
  • explicable weight gain and difficulty losing weight;
  • headache of unknown origin;
  • be prone to diarrhea or constipation;
  • pain in the navel area;
  • joint and muscle pain;
  • lack of appetite or excessive appetite;
  • swelling, stomach pain even after eating;
  • skin diseases, including acne, eczema, psoriasis;
  • reduced immunity, frequent symptoms of herpes and other infectious diseases;
  • insomnio;
  • gnashing your teeth during sleep;
  • itching around the anus
  • irritability,
  • apathy.

Remember that only the body completely purified of parasites, fungi, yeasts and bacteria can function properly. The point is that, on the one hand, it is not poisoned by the harmful waste products of metabolism, and on the other, it can absorb and assimilate the nutrients necessary for life without obstacles. It is important to note that, to fully benefit from the benefits of healthy foods and supplements, you must first cleanse your body, otherwise, the health-promoting effects of valuable foods and supplements will be very limited.

Therefore, do not ignore the above symptoms and take measures as soon as possible to cleanse the body of all parasites and their toxins, and only then do you start effective supplementation.

Where to start

In the case of fungal infections, the basis of the treatment is an adequate diet that will cleanse the body of excess yeast and the toxins they produce. Only eliminating unhealthy and highly processed products will help you restore the balance of the intestinal flora at the beginning. First of all, all foods containing sugar, highly processed carbohydrates and dairy products must be eliminated from the diet: sweets, fruit juices, jams, white flour products, hard cheeses, meat, sausages, coffee and black tea, alcohol, carbonated drinks, savory sandwiches, artificially colored and powdered products.

It is obvious that giving them up will not be easy, because it requires a lot of sacrifices. However, to strengthen your body and cleanse it of harmful substances, it is worth trying to eliminate at least some of them, especially sugar and the products that contain it, and in return introduce healthy ingredients into your diet, that is, vegetables, especially in the form of oil, sour fruit, cereals, nuts, whole wheat bread, vegetable oils and fish, but not raw!

However, remember that in addition to a healthy and sugar-free diet, an effective cleansing of the body from parasites, fungi and bacteria, it is worth helping by consuming the dietary supplement - DetoCol, based only on natural plant extracts.

Start today

You may have heard a lot about the cleaning, fumigation and deworming programs that provide quick results, but that are very invasive and annoying for those who give in to them. DetoCol is different because it works gradually, gradually cleaning the body for a month, without the need to fast and any change in lifestyle. This specificity of the preparation operation, extended to the scale of the month and extended over time, is crucial here, because it guarantees safe use. The point is that none of us fully knows which organisms and on what scale live in our body; there are currently no effective methods to measure the level of our infection by fungi or parasites. If we attack these organisms inside us with too much violence, we would have to consider their acute reaction, our organs poisoned by their toxins could have a problem dealing with their excess. Therefore, it is better to act gradually, in a more balanced way, without shock therapy.

DetoCol is a three-phase preparation, created exclusively from natural plant ingredients and herbs, most of which have been used in folk medicine for centuries. Ant, turmeric, dandelion, garlic, soft licorice, tricolor violet, mint, purge: these plants have been known for centuries and are used in herbal medicine due to their beneficial effect.

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