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In 5 Minutes—Before Your Next Zoom Meeting

14 May 2020 0 comments
In 5 Minutes—Before Your Next Zoom Meeting

For many of us, adjusting to the new realities of daily life means getting comfortable on camera as Zoom conference calls have come to dominate our to-do lists. Though you might be neglecting your regular skin- and haircare routines while hunkering down at home, that doesn’t mean you want your slick second- (or fourth-) day roots blinding your boss when she logs on for your 10 a.m. meeting. (If only that Touch Up My Appearance filter were a little more targeted!)

So what’s the happy medium?

The transition from PJs to semi-polished video conferencing should be somewhat effortless. For tips on exactly what that transition should entail, we asked celebrity hairstylists, makeup artists, and dermatologists how to pull our virtual selves together—at least from the waist up—in five minutes or less. 

Neat, clean(ish) hair

To conceal dirty roots, an updo is generally your best bet—and by “updo,” we mean literally just brush your hair and pull it up in any fashion, since pros agree that leaving it down can call more attention to excess oiliness. The easiest way to make your hair look put together in a snap. After side-parting hair or raking it straight back, gather strands into a high or low-hanging ponytail with a scrunchie or a hair tie (whatever you’ve got on hand works—it won’t be visible on camera anyway). If needed, add a bit of a serum or oil to your ends, to rejuvenate and give some shine.

If your roots are greasy, reach for your trusty shampoo to add some texture to hair and get the excess oil out, [then] continue [with] business as usual.

Have you noticed how video chats seem to highlight flyaways that weren’t apparent in the mirror only minutes prior? Tame them with a boar-bristle brush before working strands into an updo or, if you do decide to leave your hair down, add a little styling cream to ends, to reduce flyaways and add extra shine.

Fresh, glowing skin

After a late-night binge session (why is Tiger King even a thing?), you get an early morning Google calendar reminder about your weekly check-in with the boss—which starts in 15 minutes. Don’t panic. Instead, wash your face with cold water for an instant wake-up call. Next, apply an ice pack or cold lightweight towel to your eyes—or [the] bags under your eyes, if you have them, to de-puff the area and help camouflage your lack of sleep. Need a faster fix? Start stashing a jade roller in the fridge, to fight that early-morning swelling.

Moisture should be your primary skin-care goal, since it can go a long way in helping to veil imperfections, on camera and off. The plumper your skin cells are, the more you minimize the appearance of fine lines.

If you don’t have time for a full-on cleanser, serum, moisturizer routine, I would spray [on] a hydrating [facial] mist, which helps “reawaken” the skin. And don’t forget to moisturize your lips.

One-minute makeup

We suggest applying a quick layer of foundation, “to even skin tone,” followed by under-eye concealer, to further downplay dark circles. 

Next, apply a swipe of bronzer or blush, to brighten things up and add a pop of color to the cheeks. Finally, to give the eyes dimension, use your bronzer, with a small blending brush, to apply in your crease. After swiping on a coat or two of your go-to mascara, slick on your favorite lip [color], and you’re conference ready,

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